2016-2017 Grand Chapter Officers
Grand High Priest
Grand King
Grand Scribe
Grand Treasurer
Grand Secretary
Grand Captain of the Host
Grand Chaplain
Grand Principal Sojourner
Grand Royal Arch Captain
Grand Master of the Third Veil
Grand Master of the Second Veil
Grand Master of the First Veil
Grand Organist
Assistant Grand Organist
Grand Lecturer
Deputy Grand Lecturer
Deputy Grand Lecturer
Patrick A. Curtis
William C. Eppig
Bruce G. Colburn
John M Lister
Vernon H. Huebschman, PGHP
Charles A. Phillips
Randall A. Schoch
John M. Greer
Henry C. McDonald
Joseph White
John H. Austin
Robert C. Penny
Robert Young
Joel Todd
Vernon H. Huebschman, PGHP
Randolph S. Disney
Michael Faby
Grand Inspectors are requested to be present for Grand Visitations, Installations of Officers, Degree Work, and special occasions. Chapters are requested to add their Grand Inspector to their mailing list. Grand Inspectors now report directly to the Grand High Priest, and are requested to remain in contact with him regarding the status of their respective Chapters.Inspectors should send reports to the President of the Board of Grand Inspectors
Assigned Chapters
Phoenix 7
James F Allen 33
St. Johns 19, Tuscan 42
Enoch 23, York 44
Concordia 1, Baltimore 40
Chesapeake 17, Edenton 26, Hayward 29
Adoniram 21, Druid 28
Talbot 22, Mt. Vernon 25
Carroll 31, Piscataway 46
Salem 18, Ithiel 27