About the Grand Chapter

A Message from the Grand High Priest
The Grand Chapter of Maryland marks 1797 as its year of constitution, but historical records show that the Royal Arch degree was conferred in the state as early as 1787.

Unfortunately, records of the Grand Chapter prior to 1804 are virtually non-existent, with the exception of the few documents which have been discovered.

There are currently 19 chartered chapters in Maryland. One chapter, Phoenix Chapter, No. 7, was re-established as Phoenix Chapter, No. 45, and then granted restoration of its original charter number.

On the map, the "+" and "-" signs will zoom in and out on the map. A list of chapters and contact information appears below the map.
Chapters of the Grand Chapter
Unless otherwise noted Chapters may be dark at the call of the High Priest for the months of July and August.
Concordia Chapter, No. 1
7:30 PM, 2/4 Tuesdays
1206 Stehlik Dr, Odenton, MD
Sec: Frederick A. Spicer, PHP

Phoenix Chapter, No. 7
7:30 PM, 4 Wednesdays
200 Howard St, Aberdeen, MD
Sec: Barry Noe

Chesapeake Chapter, No. 17
7:30 PM, 4 Fridays
110 N. Division St, Salisbury, MD
Sec: James Massey

Salem Chapter, No. 18
7:30 PM, 3 Tuesdays
15-21 Greene St, Cumberland, MD
Sec: Robert Hamilton

St. John's Chapter, No. 19
7:30 PM, 3 Wednesdays
2 Trading Pl ,Dundalk, MD
Sec: Edward A Foreman, Jr, PDDGGHP

Adoniram Chapter, No. 21
10:30 AM, 4 Thursday (Daylight)
300 International Cir, Cockeysville, MD
Sec: John B. Maclay, Jr, PGHP
Talbot Chapter, No. 22
7:30 PM, 1 Thurdays Jan. Apr. Jun, Oct
114 N. Washington St, Easton, MD
Sec: Robery M. Penny, PH

Enoch Chapter, No. 23
7:30 PM, 2 Mondays
6816 Blentlinger Rd, Frederick, MD
Sec: Dennis Brekhus

Mt. Vernon Chapter, No. 25
7:30 PM, 2 Mondays
162 Conduit St, Annapolis, MD
Sec: Randolph S. Disney, PHP

Ithiel Chapter, No. 27
7:30 PM, 1 Mondays (Special 2 Mon may be called if 1st Mon is holiday)
54 S. Potomac St, Hagerstown, MD
Sec: Terry L. Smith, PHP

Druid Chapter, No. 28 (web)
7:00 PM, 2 Thursdays
304 International Cir, Cockeysville, MD
Sec: Vernon H.; Huebschman, PGHP

Hayward Chapter, No. 29
7:30 PM, 2/4 Mondays
439 Race St, Cambridge, MD
Sec: Robert H. McWilliams
Carroll Chapter, No. 31
7:30 PM, 4 Thursday
46 Monroe St, Westminster, MD
Sec: William J. Baldwin, Jr, PHP

James F. Allen Chapter, No. 33
7:30 PM, 4th Wednesdays
(3rd Wed Nov & Dec)
612 Great Falls Rd, Rockville,MD
Sec: Thomas Marraffa, Jr

Edenton Chapter, No. 36
7:30 PM, 1 Tuesdays
114 Market St, Denton, MD
Sec: Dr. Christian E. Jensen

Baltimore Chapter, No. 40
7:30 PM, 2/4 Tuesdays
1206 Stehlik Dr, Odenton, MD
HP: Ronald Aughenbaugh

Tuscan Chapter, No. 42
7:30 PM, 1 Tuesdays
507 W. Chesapeake Ave, Towson, MD
Sec: Spyridon G. Treklas, PHP

York Chapter, No. 44 (web)
7:30 PM, 2 Fridays
6311 Old Branch Ave, Camp Springs, MD
Sec: Patrick A. Curtis, PHP

Piscataway Chapter, No. 46 (web)
7:30 PM, 2/4 Wednesday (12 months)
6 Ingleside Ave, Catonsville, MD
Sec: Art Hebbeler, PHP