The Grand Commandery of Knights Templar

Part of the Maryland Masonic Family
2015-2017 Theme: Pride in our past. Faith in our future!

Past Grand Commanders (Living)


1979 William B. VanSant

1982 Edward A. Foreman, Jr., KCT

1987 Bennie G. Owens, KCT

1990 Clifton R. Friel, KCT

1992 Ronald L. Aughenbaugh, KCT

1996 Stephen J. Ponzillo, III, KCT

1997 Harry Miller, Jr.

1998 Charles W. Wagner, KCT

1999 Richard P. Naegele, KCT

2001 William B. Colburn, Sr., KCT

2005 James B. Coker, KCT

2006 John A. Rafine, KCY

2007 Patrick A. Curtis, KCT (17-month term)

2008 Thomas G. Heimiller, KCT

2009 Thomas G. Heimiller, KCT

2010 Kenneth S. Wyvill, Jr., KCT

2011 Kenneth S. Wyvill, Jr., KCT

2012 Frederick A. Spicer, KCT

2013 Richard A. Ortt, Sr., KCT

2014 Randolph S. Disney

2015 Arthur F. Hebbeler III

Upcoming Events

December 5, 2015: Grand Commander and Line visit Frederick, MD (Jacques de Molay Commandery hosts. Antioch, St. Bernard, Montgomery, and Carroll Commanderies participating. 10:00 AM.

Christmas Observances: Palestine (Annapolis) 10:30 am 12/12, Carroll (Westminster) 7:30 pm 12/15, Jacques Demolay (Frederick) 7:00 p.m. 12/16, Baltimore County Commanderies (Bonnie Blink Chapel) 3:00 pm worship 4:00 dinner, 12/20.